All About Tricia Goodman

Tricia Goodman has been a hairdresser for over 20 years.  She began her training in Seattle, WA and studied advanced techniques with one of the most well known salons in the country.

She has since taught hair color techniques to other hairdressers and has attended numerous classes and advanced her own training…  Tricia is a true Color Professional.

Tricia has a wonderful philosophy about hair, most especially color, but is incredibly well rounded. She has used many hair color lines and products, and has chosen only the best in the business. For this reason, she encourages you to buy the products she carries. Yes, it does make a difference, and is the only way she can guarantee the longevity of the service.

There are numerous choices for salons, stylists and colorists in the Denver area. If you are shopping around for a new point of view, Tricia is happy to talk to you. All consultations are complimentary.

If you are new to Denver, welcome. It is a fantastic place to live! And finding a new hairdresser is one of the most important and stressful discoveries most women face when relocating. Hairdressers are ranked up there with doctors and dentists! That is an enormous amount of trust.

If you are someone that Tricia has seen before and are thinking of coming back for a visit, you are an old and dear friend. Let’s catch up!

Unfortunately, many women who search for a hairdresser are coming from a situation in which something went wrong, or from a home hair color job gone bad. If that is you, relax. We have a whole section dedicated to that very thing. Color mistakes are very fixable. It can be as simple as one visit and as complex as several months of dedication. Either way, IT IS FIXABLE!

Again, thank you for your time, your interest and your trust. There are no strangers, only old friends who haven’t yet met.