Color Trends…

Have you heard the terms Baby Lights or Balayage or Ombre‘ bandied about in conversation or in magazines? What color do you want for your outstanding style?

Let’s remove the mystery and have some plain talk.

Baby Lights– ultra finely woven highlights usually placed off the part line and almost always toned to within a shade of two of your all over color.

Balayage – The name evokes Spring flowers and cafes’ along the Seine… lovely paintings, and fabulous food.

Balayage is French. It’s all about customized, hand painted highlights in your hair. Wheaty blondes and sunny bronzes…flashes of lights around your face as a sparkling frame…and the look of June spent on the French Riviera… playing in the water and soaking up the sun.

Since the lights are painted by hand, we have absolute control over the placement of the colors, leaving the root a bit darker to soften the regrowth line, and keep you out in the world instead of being a slave to me and the salon…although don’t ever think i don’t adore your company. We can still do a grey retouch, never worry about that…and if you are too blonde (yes…I said it) and over highlighted, we can happily paint in rich dark chocolate and warm golden brown low lights. And once again, bring you back to your hair color from that picture your mom loves of you at the beach when you were in grade school, and those colors were all natural.

This technique is a seasoned, tried and true method of keeping hair color natural looking and fresh. As a compromise between a traditional highlight/low light effect and a trendy Ombre’ color. You can read more about balayage in these articles.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that Balayage is for long hair only! Not true at all. Balayage works well with any length and any texture. Whether grey or brown, straight or curly, it can work for you.

Ombre’ – the latest trend in hair color….designed to go from darker roots to lighter ends…sometimes a very distinct color change. Think Sarah-Jessica Parker. One of the prettiest ways to do an Ombre’ color service is to go from lighter roots to darker ends…its daring and a little bit edgy, but gorgeous!

Corrective Color: If you are reading this section chances are something has gone wrong. Take a deep breath….no, really. Take a deep breath. Good. Now, relax. You’ve come to the right place. You may be experiencing anything from “Wow, the ends are darker than I wanted them to be…” to “HOLY ?! X$#! MY HAIR IS FREAKING GREEN!”. And anything in between. Here’s the good news. Color can be fixed. Really.

We have several things to consider, and each case is different. That’s why I won’t quote a price, make promises or give you much more than reassurances until we have a consultation in person. Typically, you will see an unfixable horror show in the mirror…while I will see endless possibilities. Trust me. I’ll tell you the truth.

Keratin. Curly, frizzy, wavy, ultra thick… The envy of all you see, right? But the time you put into making it straighter, glossier, shinier, more manageable, less frizzy, less dry…..ugh! And then it rains, or snows, and all that time….for naught.
You’ve tried every shampoo, conditioner, serum, brush, ionic dryer, and finally you just give up. Sound familiar? Been there, done that!

I have the answer… no, seriously. I do. I use a single-process re-texturizing system that leaves your hair, silky, manageable, shiny, and cuts your drying and styling time in less than half.