Yes, Virginia, the product you use DOES make a difference. If you want to recreate the style, shine and body you leave the salon with, then you have to use what I use. If you are paying my prices for the look you want, why would you cheap out on the very thing that will allow you to keep it looking great between appointments? I have chosen the products I use very carefully. I won’t guarantee anything unless you use the shampoo and conditioner I prescribe for you. On the other hand, I won’t load you up on products you already have at home. Bring in a bag full of whatever you have and we will either make it work, add to the mix, or start from scratch.


Color Proof Hair Care line. I dont have enough space to tell you about all its features and benefits.  It was developed by the same man who made Pureology and started the Sulfate-Free revoloution.  He sold off Pureology, and at great urging from family and friends and millions of fans, he created Color Proof.  He took all of the knowledge and advanced technology and created the best line Ive ever used. It’s sulfate, gluten, propolyne glycol free, organic wherever possible, and uses a patented nano technology that actually allows it to penetrate the cuticle layer of the hair.  It makes your hair healthier and shinier with each use.  There is a line for every hair type.

Schwarzkopf. It comes from Germany and is manufactured with excellence in mind. It provides complete gray coverage, leaves the hair in fantastic condition and gives me, the Colorist, complete freedom of choice to mix a custom color especially for you. We can be as natural looking as the pictures from your childhood, or as vibrant and unique as you want to be.

I use the whole line from 100% grey coverage or grey blending, to semi or Demi permanent color to enhance your own tones. Or maybe to just poke your toe in the water without the commitment that a permanent color demands, to colorless glossing for mad-crazy shine.

Aquage. A truly luxurious line of shampoos, conditioners and styling aids that are never stiff or sticky. Even for women who don’t like the ‘feel’ of anything in their hair, we can achieve excellent style results, without the residue.

Goldwell Hair Color.  A cutting edge color line from Germany.  It covers grey well and can offer brilliant shine and body to any hair type.  They also offer the ability to be as vibrant as you dare to go.

Osis by Schwarzkopf. Osis is Schwarzkopf’s professional line of hair care products.  Everybody love, love, loves their gel.  It’s never stiff or sticky. The Elastic(tm) daily hairspray, as well as their shine drops called Magic(tm).  And it is.


I am highly trained with each of these products that have been proven to work! I believe in them and only use the best products for my clients.