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“Tricia Rocks.  Ive followed Tricia for over 15 years.  She gets my color right every time and coveres the stubborn grey.  I always love my haircuts.  I trust her completely.” -Cathy

“I met Tricia in 2015.  I saw her on Yelp.  I came in to try some Balayage on my dark brown hair.  She says Im now a full on Ombre and I love it.  We always have the best time.” – Laura P.

“My friend Tricia has been doing my hair for over 15 years.  She’s put up with my fine “boring brown” haircolor with a few red hilights.  Im retired now and I let her add some fine caramel  highlights and I love it!  And I love her.” – Tonda B.

“My hair was coppery red all my life.  It had faded so much and I had thready grey strands throughout…or as Tricia calls them, “natural highlights.”  Ive had other people turn my hair orange, brown, pinkish and burgundy.  Id almost given up.  My friend Lisa referred me to Tricia and she got it right the first time.  I went to my 20th reunion last summer, and nobody realized it wasnt my color from high school.  You would never know it isnt my natural color until the regrowth gives it away if I go too long between appointments.  Thank you Tricia.” -Joyce L.