Women want their hair to reflect a certain image – Tricia can get you there! She is an expert colorist and stylist with a flair for what flatters her clients the most.  She listens to what you want and she makes sure that your cut and color are both what you want and what will look best on you.

Her clients stick with her because she is excellent at her trade.

Men are the fastest growing market segment for hair color, styling products and hair restoration products. And by far, are pickier than most any woman. Really!!

I’d love to do your man’s hair. If you’d like a bit more of his inner Metro sexual to come out, or maybe he’s hinted that he can’t get over how grey he’s getting… and you know he just got his reunion invitation in the mail. Or did you just move to Denver, and you’re both searching for a new hairdresser in Cherry Creek? I’d love to see you both. We are a friendly salon that has a lot of men getting highlights, low lights, waxing and facials. And nobody feels uncomfortable. Plus, we are gender neutral and have a great clientele so he won’t feel out of place. He will get a relaxing shampoo, if he likes it short I use a free-handed clipper, not just a numbered guard, a great cut, and a post-cut rinse so he can go back to work or out to dinner with you.

Let’s talk about where you are in the color process, lifestyle, wardrobe and
frequency of visits to the salon.